Worcester, Massachusetts

Worcester Local First

December 10, 2015 - Next Monthly Meeting

301 Park Avenue
Worcester, MA 01609


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Bike Racks, Benches & Flower Containers on Chandler Street

*Funds from the NSRA Grant were used for the benches & flower pots.
Private Investment  was used for the bike racks-

View Some Of The Local Projects That The
Chandler Street Business Association Has Completed

Our Members

Mooradian Real Estate and Construction

50 Piedmont Street, Worcester, Massachusetts 01610-1136  (508) 756-3199

CHUA PHO HIEN Bhuddist Meditation Temple

96 Dewey Street, Worcester, Massachusetts 01609

Chuan Shabu

301 Park Avenue, Worcester, Massachusetts 01609

The Raven

258 Pleasant Street, Worcester, Massachusetts 01609 
(508) 304-8133
Living Earth & EVO
232 Chandler Street, Worcester, Massachusetts 01609  (508) 753-1896
Imagine walking into a store that excites your senses with a wide selection of fresh, organic produce, natural meats, a complete natural deli, as well as gourmet coffees and teas. Enjoy a wide variety of natural supplements, cosmetics, beer, organic low-sulfite wines, wholesome groceries and special diet alternatives. All of this and more can be found at the Living Earth & Sano Cafe.

Serrato Sign

15 Dewey Street, Worcester, Massachusetts 01609  
(508) 756-7004

TD Banknorth

396 Park Avenue, Worcester, Massachusetts 01609  (508) 755-0266

B.A. Event Promotions

224 1/2 Chandler Street #1, Worcester, Massachusetts 01609  (617) 625-2140


F.W. Madigan Construction Company

367 Chandler Street, Worcester, Massachusetts  01602  (508) 753-1459

John & Son's II

226 Chandler Street, Worcester, Massachusetts 01609



Gary Gaffin Accounting

313 Park Avenue Worcester, Massachusetts 01609


KeyStone Plaza

225 Chandler Street, Worcester, Massachusetts 01609

Baba Sushi

309 Park Avenue, Worcester, Massachusetts 01609

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